Downsides of Digital Signage

Digital Signage have been prevailing in this new era of technology and has become a sort of a must for any business and its advertisement, attracting audience and simultaneously increasing sales. Signage companies in Dubai keep telling its mind blowing effects and advantages – which is not wrong – but do the advantages out weight its downsides?

Here we have a comparing list of disadvantages to see if they out weight the advantages or advantages out weight them?

Return on Investment

Though these digital signage prove to be highly effective for the businesses, bringing huge customer sales but we still suspect if its return on investment will be high? This is because these digital signage are an extremely delicate technology and can be harmed easily. A crack on the screen or a problem in a hardware can cost a lot and may require all the profit which you just made. So, is ROI still high?

Updated Technology

This is a common problem with every device. From mobiles to digital signage, we see that there is always a new and updated model available in the market right after you have purchased the latest one. You may be keeping an eye out for the new release but soon another technology will be available in the market. But that of course doesn’t mean that the one you have bought holds no importance, in fact, it would still be functioning exactly how it should. So we don’t think it makes a lot of difference.

Lack of Knowledge

Though digital signages have been around for a while and are common, still if the wrong kind of understanding is applied to them, they may go to waste. Retail fit out Dubai says, if a company does not have the right knowledge of which location will fit best for their signage and they place it in the wrong area then all their work and money will be wasted. People won’t know what is it that you are displaying because you won’t be attracting the right set of audience. The same way, bad advertisements can drag down the whole brand image or won’t attract the customers despite your business being highly compatible in the market.

But we shouldn’t consider lack of knowledge a disadvantage of the digital signage because it is something marketers must be aware of.