Sous Vide Cooking

If you have heard about the process of vacuum sealing food and then cooking it to the desired level then that process is known as Sous Vide (pronounced as sue-veed). This is a word derived from French referring to this process of cooking.

Sous Vide has travelled all the way from French kitchens to German kitchens and all around the world which has proven to be a game changing technique for restaurants and now for the home chefs too, as there are new products and utensils introduced for achieving that kind of perfection.

There are several benefits of this cooking method. The reason behind it is that it not only makes cooking easier but it is on a completely new level of cooking and getting food done.

If you also have been facing problems like your food got overcooked from the outer side while the insides were still raw or maybe the texture was very dry and chewy and not up to the mark then Sous Vide is here to your rescue.

If you use this French method instead of the traditional one, Sous Vide will enhance the flavours of food giving a completely unique touch to it. It gets your food cooked with the perfect consistency and the right amount of cooking that it deserves.

It is very simple to follow this French cooking method, simply seal pack your raw ingredients in a zipper bag and marinate for a while. After that, set the boiling pot of water and attach that zip lock to the walls of the pan after adjusting your desired temperature and time of cooking. Once it is done, get your ingredients out of the bag and fry it, grill it, boil it or have it just like that – it is still going to taste best, no matter what medium you choose to eat it after.

This method works best for cooking meats and steaks. It gets just the right amount of insides cooked, letting the outer layers rest and then cook or fry it until you reach that luscious looking golden crispy layer making it picture perfect as well as taste perfect.

After introduction to this french cooking method – Sous Vide – the cooking dynamics for chefs have completely changed and brought a new era in the field of cooking.

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