Backup plans in case of internet breakdown

Every minute spent on the internet is important for not only the firms but also people at home as there are rarely any other means of communication left when you eliminate the internet. In case of emergencies, when your internet connection fails to connect you to the world, we have brought some tips and backup plans to make sure that you are safe and your data as well.

Even a trustworthy reliable best internet plan in Dubai can have their bad days and that is why we should always be prepared for the worse. But don’t worry as this won’t last too long. The first step – whenever you establish an internet connection in the router – note your account number and internet service provider’s contact. This way, you will always have information on hand and be able to call and know the reason behind the disturbance of internet.

In the first few minutes of breakdown, you can try switching the device on and off with a gap of 20-30 seconds and if the problem isn’t too technical then the connection should be established again as this wasn’t a breakdown, just a simple misconnection in the physical wiring of the router. If the problem doesn’t solve through this step then a technical fault must be involved and now there is nothing you can do instead of contacting your ISP and asking them to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Your ISP will try solving the problem from their office only, making sure that it is something which can be solved remotely. But in case you are running out of luck, the longer procedure will be followed and a technician’s services will be required. Now it solely depends on the technician whenever he decided to pay a visit and check what is wrong. In the meantime, if you have a personal IT manager then you must call them and confirm the situation from him if there is something which they can do and get you back online. But if your IT manager also suggests you to wait for a technician, then a 3G or 4G internet connection must suffice to make sure that your work is not disturbed.

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