Facts About Fashion

Fashion is a kind of thing that even the person who is not into fashion, he or she has to do to keep up with the society. There are different kinds of fashion now and the fashion industry is getting more and more unbelievable and strange with each passing day.

Fashion industry is said to be the biggest industries of all time. Each day we see that there is a trend of a faded pants and after a week when we get those pants, we see that the trend has completely changed.

The fashion industry has said to have the darkest secrets and that is why we wanted to know max facts about the fashion and it will help the new fashion designers learn about fashion as well.

And if you want to know more, you have to keep reading, because the following list of facts was provided to us by the company of streetwear mens fashion and by Good for nothing t shirt store.

  1. Have you ever wondered that who made and designed the suits of astronauts? We all wanted to become an astronaut when we were small and we would wear these costumes on Halloween. But the fun fact is that these suits were designed by International Latex Corporation and this company is famous from the name of Playtex and they designed this suit in 1969 and they also invented gravity defying bra for the female astronauts.
  2. Women are always suppressed even these times and that is why there was a woman who first time wore a bikini on the beach of Boston in 1907, she was arrested and then women used to wear the bikinis that covered their things and chests.
  3. Bikinis can be very small. But there is a smaller version of bikini that is called a thong and it was made in 1939 in New York where a Mayor named Fiorella LaGuardia ordered that strippers should wear some kind of clothes to cover themselves.
  4. When someone dies, we wear black clothes and that is why in the older days, in England, women were ordered to wear black clothes for four years after the deaths of the spouses and some chose to wear it forever.
  5. In south Korea, in 1970s, there was fashion police and if they found out if any women was to wear short skirts they would be arrested or fined heavily.