Fun facts about South Indian movies

South Indian movies are filled with lots of things to entertain people. Bollywood industry in India is the heart of people. Most of the people celebrate movie stars as god.

South Indian movies are based on such scenarios which makes it fun. Several points in south Indian movies which are completely impossible to happen in real life but in movies it will seem as possible.

There are several South Indian movies news which let you know several interesting things about South Indian cinema. New Pakistani movies are also a quite a little tint of such features.

Take a look below, mention some funny facts about South Indian cinema.

Heroes and Superman:

South Indian movie heroes always show you the acts which are not even possible by alien. We can easily jump from the top of 17th floor building without having a single scratch. They are able to handle more than 200 goals at a time. They have all the features Superman cannot even possess.

Everyone can dance:

In most of the South Indian movies you observe the hero dancing in the road along with singing with all the instrumental effects which are not present at the moment. Along with this that people on the road will be gained to dance with him using the same steps the hero is doing. There is no logic in it.

Mustache shows dominance:

Almost all the South Indian heroes have a long dark mustache. This mustache is not for a luxury look. Actually this mustache has much power in it and it shows dominance.

Ironic body:

Heroes of South Indian movies have ironic body. During the firing the hero will never get killed even after hundred bullets. But a single bullet from that same gun will kill the villain at once. If the villain using a sword to cut the hero, the sword will get completely destroyed but the hero I will be in perfect condition.

Heroes are magicians:

In South Indian movies the heroes are able to do all kinds of magic tricks. They will do several tricks to impress the heroine and proposing real love. They will they will exactly know the place where the villain kept heroine.

The fact is that they are trying to make people entertain by showing some non practical things. Cinema is the place where dream comes true. South Indian cinemas are making several dreams true.