Men’s manicure and its secrets

If the word manicure brings the red paint in your mind then you will be shocked to know that male manicure is so much in fashion these days that a person with ugly hands is considered a low maintenance unhygienic man. Here we will be breaking a few taboos about men salon Dubai media city and why they are so important.

Men salon is no longer a place where you can only get a haircut or hairstyle. In the last few years, men grooming has increased to some new heights and this is why men products are so popular around the world and their increasing demand.

Earlier, men with unkempt nails were not considered something out of the world, in fact, a male with perfectly manicured hands were part of a joke. But no more, as the prevailing world of 21st century have managed to break all the taboos – for good reason. A sign of good health and hygiene is now all in manicured hands.

The reason why keeping nails clean is emphasized so much for both genders is for obvious reasons. If you have paid keen attention to your daily routine, we are sure you will be shocked to find that your hands are doing most of the work – which is what they are made for. That’s why they must be kept clean to make sure that your health is stable. Though men don’t have to take their manicure routines as far as women and skipping nail polish would be just fine, but it is good to file and cut your nails once a week.

Fine nails not only boost your hygiene but your confidence level is also increased with fine grooming. Though clean nails won’t be noticed but ones filled with dirt and all sorts of germs and bacteria can leave an ugly impression.

A few simple tricks are here which will help you in achieving a fine look:

  • Trim your nail when you get out of shower
  • Cut in shape so that nails grow in shape.
  • Use coconut oil or even a simple moisturizing lotion to help keeping them moisturized and the skin surrounding them.
  • Use a filer if you feel like keeping your nails in good shape instead of trimming them again and again.

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