The different kinds of visas for Canadian immigration

People who want to migrate to Canada should go to a good and reliable immigration consultant. You can get to know about these agents through different channels like through Google search, though their social media or through any of your trusted relative. You have to think carefully about your decision of hiring any agent for your immigration process. Canada is a country that offers different kinds of visas to facilitate people according to their need. Following are the type of visas:

Permanent visa: It is the visa type which is normally given to entire families. Canada encourage to the families to come in to their country and live there as the permanent citizen of their country. If the entire family flies to a country it means that they are serious in going and living in that country and they never want to go back to their previous country. In this way they will be more loyal to their new country and work there with full dedication.

Temporary visa: In this temporary visa there several other types of visas because it provides different options to people for going to Canada for a short time. But you should think that this time is very short but as compared to the permanent visa it is shorter in range.

Visit visa: It is one type of the temporary visa which is for the visit only people want this type of visa to spend some fun time there to enjoy their vacations or to meet their relatives who live there in Canada. In most of the time of the year Canada will be covered in snow so people of warmer countries want to go there and enjoy the snow.

Student visa: This type of visa is given to student to come in their country and get quality education there. They also provide scholarships of different types to students who are intelligent and willing to study abroad but they do not have the means to go and study there in their own. For these students, Canada provides different scholarships in which they provide 30% to 100% free educational opportunity. Canada provides a great level of education and it also provides diploma of 3 to 6 months for the students who want to go there for a shorter period. Students often start job there but they need separate visa.